Strengthen your brand positioning by showcasing your values & conducts through a Corporate video. You can choose to produce a Documercial which is just a straightforward technique in delivering information, or you may also opt for a more subtle approach by using creative storytelling in a Branded Short Film.

Effective social media videos are simple, short & highly engaging. Exhibit your new business using an Intro video. Educate audience on how to utilize the services you offer using a How-to video. Showcase the design & features of your products using a Product video. Announce your latest promotions & sale using a Promo video. It will be much easier for audience to understand how things work using an Explainer video. Infographics/animation would also help greatly.

Create a unique music video that can wow audience into hitting that repeat button. Animation in a music video? Lyric videos? Just let us take care of all that.

We are also involving ourselves into the production of experimentals, short films, passion projects, contents creation and event videos, while actively exploring fresh ideas and talents.  Do reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating or have an idea to pitch.

About Us

Penetrating Hearts

Our foundation is to engage audience through dynamic visuals and story telling. Penetrating the viewer’s hearts and minds with the contents.

Karyangan has worked with notable clients, including Monkey Bone Records, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Tempatan Fest among others, providing contents according to their concepts and realising them through our team’s creative minds.

Our works have received various recognitions not only in Malaysia but around the globe, proving that the creative outputs we produced are of exceptional quality.

Value Proposition

  • High Quality Visual
  • Unique Experience
  • Professional Output


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Karya seni adalah satu daripada kerja Tuhan. Oleh itu, buatlah sungguh-sungguh dengan penuh kejujuran.

A work of art is one of the gifts from God. Therefore, do it passionately in all earnestness.

P. Ramlee, 1929 – Forever

Our team comprises of creative thinkers who have worked for prominent brands and multinational organizations including


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