The Teleporting Guardians of the Rainforest

Short Film

Produced for: Allianz SE, Munich (Allianz Explore Program)
Release Date: 12 August 2019 (1 Minute Version) 31 August 2019 (Festival Premiere)
Language: Bual Mutan (Temuan Language)
Written & Directed by: Izzudin bin Saedon
DOP: Iskandar Rashidan
Starring: Mizan Bn Gemuk, Janudin Bn Kema

Progress must not disregard nature & heritage. Imagine an ideal future where long-distance travels are possible even for people living in the most remote area. All without needing to clear precious forests which contain invaluable heritage.

The Temuan people, aborigines living deep in the ancient Malaysian rainforest, will be able to preserve their legacy and continue to be guardians of the rainforest as they have been for thousands of years before.